Be Memorable By Creating Your Own Personal Connection Story

Have you ever been forgotten by someone you’ve met before? If so, then you know how much that can sting.  How can they forget you, when you remember them?

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, Amanda Marko, a strategic communications consultant, says to always be armed with your own “personal connection story.” Basically, it’s a personal story or anecdote you can use immediately after you’ve met someone new that illustrates who you are and what you do in an entertaining way.)

“Your connection story gives somebody a true glimpse into you,” says Marko. “You don’t just say ‘Hi, I’m very trustworthy, hardworking and diligent.’ But you can tell a story that gives the person you are talking to the impression that Amanda Marko is trustworthy, hardworking and diligent.”

Why are personal connection stories so important? Almost every time you meet someone new, it is very easy to get in a habit of explaining who you are and what you do in the same way, over and over again, without thinking.

A personal connection story, on the other hand, is more entertaining and memorable. It’s an opportunity for you to make a good first impression and create a solid foundation for a new relationship.

Here are four simple steps you can follow to create your own personal connection story:

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