5 Reasons Business Cards Still Matter

Everything we do in business today is digital — sending mail, signing contracts, attending meetings, even networking. The business card is one thing that digital will not fully replace anytime soon. Here are five reasons why the old school business card is still important — and why

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Don’t Be a Networking Frog

In generating referrals for your business, you are going to want to spend less time with frogs and more time with princes and princesses − and at the same time, make sure that YOU aren’t a “networking frog,” either! How do you become networking royalty and find

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Check out these great folks! Our sponsor lineup for April is AWESOME…

We LOVE our sponsors! Check out this great group of people that support our FREE Happy Hour and Networking event in Roanoke, Texas.  This month we are BACK WITH JACK – Come see us at Jack & Grill on April 30th, 5:30 p.m. Be sure to say THANK

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Photos! RoanokeAfter5 Happy Hour 03-26-2015

What a great crowd of folks for our Spring Fling! The sun was bright and shining in Roanoke, Texas for the event, like a proper Spring event should be. We hope everyone enjoyed all of the fabulous Networking, Happy Hour prices and music – look for us again in

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RoanokeAfter5 Sponsor Lineup for March 26th – Check out the cool kids!

RoanokeAfter5.com is very proud to present the March 26th Sponsor Lineup!  Check out the coolest kids in Roanoke, be sure to visit their businesses online or in person, and be sure to say THANK YOU and shake hands at the event. Sponsorships keep the event FREE for our

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Here’s How to Strike Up a Conversation With Almost Anyone

Personal relationships are essential in today’s business world. The best entrepreneurs seem to have an innate ability to connect with strangers in any situation. They’re able to find common ground and build rapport with others almost instantly. It may look effortless, but it’s a learned skill. With a little work

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How to Network When You’re Socially Awkward

When you’re socially awkward and your social calendar shows it, setting goals like starting a business or leading a movement might seem impossible. How can you possibly waltz into a crowded room and leave with a dozen business connections if you can barely look a stranger in

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6 Powerful Tips to Get the Most Out of Networking

FEBRUARY 18, 2015 ROBERT REFFKIN CONTRIBUTOR (Entrepreneur) Founder and CEO of Compass   Q: How should young, inventive entrepreneurs get connected? –John A: The most valuable resource an entrepreneur has is time, so everything on your schedule should leverage those precious hours. In fact, asking how to connect

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Top Tips to Overcome Anxiety over Introducing Yourself

If the thought of giving a brief introduction of yourself and your business at networking meetings makes your palms sweat, read on . . . When participating, even as a guest, in various networking meetings or functions, the fact is that you will be required to introduce

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