5 Important Rules for Navigating Social Interactions With Clients | Entrepreneur.com

You want to establish solid and friendly relationships with your clients, but you have to be very careful of how far you take it. Completely letting your guard down can be a mistake, especially in the current environment where technology offers the opportunity for everybody to know

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Power Networking in 3 Steps | Entrepreneur.com

Business can be difficult and tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. By establishing and maintaining relationships with people, you can encounter business opportunities and still other lucrative connections. Here are three steps for building your network in stages: 1. Build ties with your personal circle and then beyond.

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Shy People Tend to Have This Coveted Leadership Skill | Entrepreneur.com

So, you’re never first to raise your hand during meetings and you’re uncomfortable schmoozing with strangers at networking events. Does that mean you’re doomed to fail in the business world? via Shy People Tend to Have This Coveted Leadership Skill | Entrepreneur.com.

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A few pictures from around town this morning in #RoanokeTexas

“A few photos from Oak Street in @[113213412022646:274:Roanoke, Texas]” From Downtown Roanoke, posted by RoanokeAfter5.com on 8/02/2014 (14 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2 (Downtown Roanoke; 14 photos)

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