Jan 29th Happy Hour is posted – Join us for a VERY Special Event!

We are gearing up for a fabulous 2015 at RoanokeAfter5!  If you’re near Roanoke, Texas, and if you’re looking to network and have fun doing it, look no further than your own back yard. We have a fantastic crowd, great drink specials for happy hour, yummy appetizers, door prizes

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5 Steps to Working a Holiday Party Like Santa

Love this great article from Entrepreneur! ‘Tis the season for holiday parties. And like every great entrepreneur, you might want to pull out your festive tie or jingle bell-inspired earrings so that you can work a room. Surely you want to make the most of each networking event

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Avoid These 5 Practices to Be Better at Business

Failure is one of the best learning tools out there. Of course, taking the time to address lessons learned is never easy. It takes a strong desire to improve performance, the humility to be open to criticism and the courage to do so. Not living up to one’s

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Don’t Let These 5 Excuses Stop You From Networking

Our ability to achieve and our sense of fulfillment are often determined by our network of relationships. And this couldn’t be truer for entrepreneurs. Everything is easier when we have relationships we can count on for support, access and collaboration. Yet too often bright, talented people simply

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You’ve Got To Be In Business To Get Business. | Arlo Gilbert | LinkedIn

A great article by local entrepreneur Arlo Gilbert… Fortunately, I have attended a lot of Dallas startup events in the past few years. Happy hours, pitch days, pitch nights, fireside chats, coffee clubs, lunch & learns, angel events, you name it. There are definitely people in our

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Build a Network That Will Be There When You Need It With These 3 Tips

As any entrepreneur will tell you, there are few things in the world of business that are more valuable than a great network. After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. When it comes time to start a new enterprise, expand a company, raise funds or even find

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The Tricks to Getting 10 Times More Referrals From Your Network

Whether you’re looking for clients, potential partners or otherwise, referrals are probably the best way to generate leads and meet high-value people. In addition, if you are introduced to someone through a person you trust and respect, their opinion of you will likely be more favorable than

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How to Stay In Touch Without Being Annoying

‘Tis the season where you may be shopping for holiday cards to send to clients, customers and suppliers. While the annual ritual may be a great way to remind those in your Rolodex of your existence, getting the most out of your network requires more than seasonal

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The Truth About Networking Events

There are a lot of common misconceptions and varying opinions about the value of networking events. Some people love them while most people hate then. Some people think going to events is the only way to network and meet new people while others prefer other channels. It

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I Don’t Need Your Card

Imagine handing your card to someone at a networking event and having it handed back to you with “I don’t need it.”  Well, that’s exactly what happened to Juan Vides recently.  Juan found this pretty insulting, and he wrote to me to ask how I thought someone

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