Are you jazzed about this Thursday’s HAPPY HOUR at Jack & Grill? I am! I’ve been chatting with some of our sponsors and it looks like this event is going to be FANTASTIC – everything from the weather to the food to the door prizes to the FREE drink tickets!

Also, I wanted to take a quick opportunity to make note of our HOLIDAY schedule for November and December. We typically have the event on the LAST Thursday of the month, but we are changing our dates to November 13th and December 11th during the holiday months so we aren’t so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Lord knows we all have enough to do already – but of course a little networking thrown in before the family shows up and raids your refrigerator is a good thing!

Many folks have been asking about sponsor pricing for 2015. Sponsors can make the event spectacular by allowing us to have more marketing dollars, more for appetizers and MORE DRINK TICKETS.  🙂  I have narrowed it down to $99 for one event, or $275 for 3 events, and I may possibly offer a 6-month block at a deeper discount if there is enough interest.  If you’re like me, you love a good bargain!

Y’all holler at me if you have any questions and I will see you THURSDAY at Jack & Grill!



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